Post Traumatic Press

(PTP) is a

small independent press founded in 2000. Our original mission: to give voices

to veterans and noncombatants whose lives have been affected by the trauma of

war. We have since expanded to include other work


latest from PTP

The Mathematics of Disengagement by Susan Hoover

“For those of us privileged to know

her, Susan Hoover’s poems are a reflection of the woman herself. Intelligent,

highly charged, funny, understated, passionate, proud, self-effacing, daring,

joyful, logical, and heartrending. Don’t enter these poems lightly; they won’t

forgive even a flicker of inattention.  Hoover is a top shelf poet; do whatever it takes to

make room for these gorgeous poems, they reward both heart and head.”

- Angelo Verga, author of six

poetry collections, and curator of Literary Events at the legendary

Cornelia Street Café.

“A commanding three-part

mathematical poetic masterpiece of intimate musical delicacy with surprising

twists that land you in the light of fiction and truth/on rough seas/among

swimming words/and the sparkling light of fiction and truth/with the fragility

of glass and the charred edges of repercussion/flipping coins with the

devil/dodging the wreckage of life/falling axes/and edges/lines/and angles

shift and reclaim themselves in the strong shadow of the sun.”

- Bruce Weber, author of

Poetic Justice (Ikon Press) 

Postcards from America by Judith Kerman

"Judith Kerman writes with substance, a wholesome acceptance of an

imperfect world, oneself

included. Her poems are an admirable reality-check for all of us."─Diane



Second edition of Kind by Gretchen Primack

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