Post Traumatic Press


Post Traumatic Press was started in 2000 with the printing of The Best of Post Traumatic Press in the Bronx, New York. But the idea began a few years before. I was asked to go down to DC with other Vietnam veterans in the mid-90’s to visit the Vietnam War Memorial and felt really conflicted about going. After getting out of the Army I have always felt that any memorial for a war, no matter how well-intentioned and well-executed, in many ways glorified the whole idea of war itself. I believe the greatest possible memorial to the Vietnam War would be an end to all future wars. It grieves me that my own grandchild will be growing up in a world no less dangerous and violent than that long-ago world of 1970 when I shipped off as a draftee to be an infantryman in the jungles near Phuoc Vinh. I did decided to go knowing it would be a long trip on that bus rumbling south down I-95. My wife Alison Koffler, a writer suggested, Bring a notebook and try to write it down…and I did.
Dayl S. Wise, 2013